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Thursday, 27 June 2019 12:50

Special edition: 60-year milestone for the ATCC/Supercars


The Australian Touring Car Championship/Supercars has come a long way since its first event in 1960. The Virgin Australia Supercars Championship is now the biggest motorsport category in Australia with events across the country and in New Zealand, built off the back of six decades of history. 

We celebrate the 60-year milestone of the Australian Touring Car Championship/Supercars in a special edition of SupercarXtra Magazine, issue #11. 

We begin by looking at the history of the category through its various technical guises, from the Appendix J rules first used in 1960 to the V8-based formula born in the 1990s, which still forms the basis for the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship.

The champions of the category are commemorated in our ‘Race of Champions’ feature, in which we imagine what the grid of the 25 championship-winning drivers would look like. 

We also profile the 34 circuits that have hosted the Australian Touring Car Championship/Supercars, in addition to a list of records and champions from the last 60 years and the top-10 seasons in our ‘Shootout’ section. 

Included in the print edition of issue #111 is a pullout poster featuring the legends of the Australian Touring Car Championship/Supercars.

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