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Friday, 14 December 2018 12:59

Blue Oval legend: Commemorating the Falcon


The Falcon name has gone from Australian new-car showrooms and when the chequered flag came down on the Coates Hire Newcastle 500 it raced its last lap in top-line Australian touring-car racing. It won’t soon be forgotten, though, as we commemorate the Blue Oval legend in SupercarXtra Magazine issue #108.

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It’s been 58 years since the first left an Australian touring-car grid. In that time 14 of Ford’s 20 Bathurst wins and 17 of its 25 Australian Touring Car Championship (ATCC) titles have been grasped, grabbed, stolen or simply run away with in racers wearing the badge.

Next year’s Mustang Supercar might have history on its side and an undoubtedly bright racing future, but it also has big shoes to fill.

In issue #108, through seven generations, we revisit the highlights of an Australian touring-car legend, from the two XK Falcons that started the inaugural Armstrong 500 at Phillip Island in 1960, which included Bob Jane and Lou Molina’s XK that finished third in class despite a rollover, to the FG X Falcon that Scott McLaughlin drove to the championship win in 2018.

It’s impossible to name one Falcon as the most loved above the rest. The XC GS500 delivered Ford its most famous moment with the one-two formation finish at Bathurst in 1977.

For a fairytale moment, it’s the XD and Dick Johnson’s recovery from ‘The Rock’ incident in 1980 to winning the championship-Bathurst double in 1981.

The XY GTHO Phase III is probably the most sought-after Falcon, while the XR will go down in history as the first V8-powered winner at Mount Panorama.

The BA ended Holden’s rule with a dominant three-year period, while the FG X marked the end of the Falcon era. All could be considered iconic Falcons.

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