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Monday, 20 August 2018 10:28

Track guide: Around The Bend Motorsport Park


Tekno Autosports’ Jack Le Brocq was the first driver to win a race on The Bend Motorsport Park’s ‘International Circuit’, driving a Group A Ford Sierra in the Heritage Touring Car class. He talks us around a lap of The Bend Motorsport Park’s Supercars circuit in SupercarXtra Magazine issue #106.

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TURNS 1-2-3-4-5

Turn 1 is quite technical. You can’t use all the exit of the corner as you have to prepare for the entry into Turn 2. Turn 3 is a challenge as the entry is tight but it opens up and allows you to run quite wide with the throttle open. This leads into the Turn 5 sweeper that sets up one of the best overtaking opportunities.


If you’re able to get through Turn 5 without too much aero push, there’s a good chance for a pass into Turn 6. It’s quite cambered and a long corner, and it’s important to make the pass stick before Turn 7 and the series of right-handers.

TURNS 7-8-9-10-11-12

This section has the biggest impact on tyre life, so it’s important we look after the front-left tyre. It drops downhill through Turn 9 and 10, which adds to the chal- lenge of keeping the flow through the corners while also protecting the tyres.

TURNS 13-14-15

This is another potential overtaking spot depending on the exit of Turn 12 and any time lost or gained through the previous section. Turn 13 is quite banked, so if you get up the inside there and get the car rotated you can hold the position and racing line into Turn 14 and 15.

TURNS 16-17-18

The kink of Turn 16 doesn’t produce too much aero wash, so the slow corner entry into Turn 17 produces another overtaking opportunity. Turn 18 is quite challenging as the turn-in point and how it opens up are difficult to judge, with corner exit crucial given the length of the front straight.

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Event Date
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Melbourne 400 March 12-15
BP Ultimate Sydney SuperSprint June 27-28
Truck Assist Sydney SuperSprint July 18-19
BetEasy Darwin Triple Crown August 15-16
CoreStaff Darwin SuperSprint August 22-23
NTI Townsville SuperSprint August 29-30
Townsville SuperSprint September 5-6
The Bend Motorsport Park September 19-20
The Bend Motorsport Park September 26-27
Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 October 15-18



1. Scott McLaughlin
2. Jamie Whincup
1847 -215
3. Cameron Waters
1577 -485
4. Shane van Gisbergen
1555 -507
5. Chaz Mostert
1524 -538
6. Fabian Coulthard 
1444 -618
7. Nick Percat
1425 -637
8. David Reynolds
1298 -764
9. Lee Holdsworth
1261 -801
10. Scott Pye
1258 -804

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