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Monday, 30 April 2018 12:10

Column: Lowndes on the new Commodore


Craig Lowndes has made a strong start to the 2018 season racing the new Holden ZB Commodore, detailing his feelings of the new-generation car in his column in Supercar Xtra Magazine issue #104.

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“The new car suits my driving style, which gives us great encouragement moving into the season,” writes Lowndes.

“The car’s aerodynamic bias produces better rear stability, which allows me to trail brake into corners deeper and harder. That’s a trait I missed from the previous Commodore.

“There’s been a period of adjustment from inside the car with the new inner firewall. The height of the rear wing is an advantage for us as we can see through the gap between the boot and rear wing, as opposed to seeing the wing in the previous Commodore.

“The side mirrors are bigger, which has helped the view around us, but we have noted that there’s a bit more of a blind-spot at the A-pillar, which impacts our attempts to find the apex into right-handers.

“The layout of the interior is the same as the previous Commodore, so the driving position is no different and that helps with the adjustment of adapting to a new style.

“It will take some time for
us to explore the new setup options, especially when racing at circuits with different characteristics, which throws up a lot of variables and unknowns. But in that there’s the potential to find some new gains.

“The Commodore should suit the high-speed circuits, which is always encouraging with an eye to Bathurst later in the year.”

Read the full column in issue #104. The print edition of issue #104 also includes a pullout poster featuring Craig Lowndes’ Autobarn Lowndes Racing Holden ZB Commodore.

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