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Thursday, 09 November 2017 11:41

Rogers column: Moving on with new engines


Supercars will get its first taste of the Gen2 era when Triple Eight Race Engineering debuts Holden's twin-turbo V6 engine in selected wildcard entries in 2018. And fellow Holden entrant Garry Rogers argues it's time for the category and its fans to embrace new engines in his column in V8X Supercar Magazine issue #101.

Issue #101 is on sale now in stores with the digital edition available in the official V8X app (in the App Store and Google Play), online at DigitalEdition.V8XMagazine.com.au and in the Magzter app store.

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"Whilst we have all loved the V8 era of Supercars, it's time to move on," writes Rogers.

"The new engine rules could just be what the sport needs. One criticism I have had is that as a sport we haven't done enough to attract new fans. We have the stalwarts who love it but the fact is that we really need to push it into a new market, a much younger market, and this may be just what we need to do that.

"If Supercars has a good business plan and keeps the racing exciting and the television entertaining, does it matter what sort of engines we have got? I don't think it will matter two hoots.

"The diehards, of which I am considered one, will say they don't like it. But it's a similar situation to alternative strips in the AFL; some fans complain that it's not the old traditional jumper. Well, I say get used to a new jumper and make the best of it, or, in our case, get used to new engines or new cars and make the best of it.

"The new engine rules are broad enough that other manufacturers can get involved. And one thing Supercars has been good at with the introduction of the other makes is the equalisation of the engines, not just the horsepower but also the drivability.

"I am confident that they will be able to get the rules with different engine configurations to work properly. It may take a bit of time and experimentation but it will work."

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