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Thursday, 20 July 2017 10:48

Frosty column: Favourite Ford Falcons


Mark Winterbottom has driven Ford Falcons exclusively throughout his Supercars career. In his latest column for V8X Supercar Magazine issue #99, he names his favourite Falcons.

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"I've only ever driven Falcons throughout my whole Supercars career, from the AU in the Development Series through to the BA, BF, FG and now the FG X in the main game," writes Winterbottom. 

"There have been a few models over the years and it's nice to look back and reflect on their role in my career. And it's certainly a special feeling to have been loyal to the Falcon over that period.

"My only wish is I had some of those classic Falcons in the garage, so when my kids are grown up, driving (or flying) whatever is the car of the future, I could show them what the iconic Falcon was all about.

"My favourite Falcon, certainly the best looking in my opinion, was the Cobra GT tribute livery from 2007. The iconic blue stripes on the white background certainly looked the part.

"Ford had just launched the Cobra GT road car, which sold out pretty quick. The car had such a great pedigree for Ford, so it was great that we could represent the iconic name and design on the race track.

"Also, I scored my first solo win in the main game in that car at Bahrain in 2007. Any car in which you have had success in holds a special place in your memories."

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