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Tuesday, 13 December 2016 00:00

Flashback: Euro trip in 1986


Thirty years ago in 1986, a bunch of cavalier souls took leave of their usual Australian Touring Car Championship duties so they could go and stick it to the Europeans.

It was ambitious, courageous and maybe just a bit crazy... some of our best racers, including Peter Brock, Allan Moffat and Allan Grice, driving their own homegrown touring cars, taking on the might of the European establishment on their home soil for the first time.

It was a bit of revenge for the Euros stealing the Bathurst 1000 in 1985 with their big, scary, running-on-dollars Jaguars, perhaps some preparation for the world championship that was coming in 1987.

An exercise this big, ballsy and expensive probably deserved a happy ending, but our Aussie Davids didn't go over to Euro Goliath's big house, bash his big head in and take over the couch.

They did, though, give him the odd fright and lay the groundwork for a brief flash of success for Australians in international Group A competition in the coming years.

V8X Supercar Magazine looks back at the key moments of that historic first European sortie in issue #95 through exclusive interviews with Grice, Moffat and John Harvey.

Issue #95 is on sale now in stores with the digital edition available in the official V8X app (in the App Store and Google Play), online at DigitalEdition.V8XMagazine.com.au and in the Magzter app store.

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The 1986 European adventure ended at the Spa 24 Hour, where the three Australian entries, two from the Holden Dealer Team and Grice's Roadways Racing entry, crossed the line together (pictured above) to take home the Coupe de Roi, the King's Cup, a reward for the team with the best finishing record in the endurance event.

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