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Wednesday, 23 November 2016 00:00

Corporate hospitality: Catering for sponsors


Putting stickers on Supercars and releasing merchandise is not end of the sponsorship game. Activation is increasingly a vital component of keeping sponsors happy.

And at events, that takes the form of corporate hospitality with the likes of Octane Events as V8X Supercar Magazine issue #95 examines with an exclusive look at how sponsors are catered for.

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For teams and their sponsors, showcasing Supercars takes the form of corporate hospitality... the facilities in the prime spectating areas where the decision makers, backers and their guests are entertained on race weekends.

Far from just an excuse to be wined and dined, the corporate facilities are crucial to sponsorship activation and, therefore, the very existence of the series given the importance of sponsorship dollars.

Octane Events is the leading event-service provider in the Supercars as the corporate host for four of the biggest teams in the series, Triple Eight Race Engineering, Prodrive Racing Australia, DJR Team Penske and Walkinshaw Racing (Holden Racing Team).

Soundos Hanna ran the corporate services for Ford Australia before going her own way and teaming up with Triple Eight Race Engineering from 2008, when Ford pulled its funding of the team and Vodafone raised the bar for sponsorship activation.

"Triple Eight were the first to approach us as they knew they needed to activate with their sponsors on track," says Hanna.

"When Triple Eight changed from a Ford team, they came to realise that they needed to make it about the team experience and work with the likes of Vodafone to grow the support for the team itself."

The Triple Eight-Vodafone combination set a new standard for what a team and sponsors can achieve. And the growth of the corporate hospitality sector saw Octane Events expand its client base with the addition of Stone Brothers Racing, Ford Performance Racing (Prodrive Racing Australia), Dick Johnson Racing (DJR Team Penske) and Walkinshaw Racing (Holden Racing Team) in the coming seasons.

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